KA1 Project (2019-2021)- English version

From July 2019 to June 2021, the EOI Banyoles is taking part in a European Project Erasmus+ KA1 104.

Title: Methodologies to Develop our Students’ 21st Century Abilities

Length: 01/07/2019 to 30/06/2021 – Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the project has had to be extended for a year (until 30/06/2022)

Goals: One of our main goals is to improve our teachers’ teaching skills by exploring topics, such as student-centered learning, student autonomy, teamwork, critical thinking, and other aspects that can result in better language learning. As a consequence of this pedagogical update, another goal is to improve the academic results in our school. In addition, we are very interested in the internationalization of the school, plurilingualism and better understanding of other cultures. Finally, we believe that it is essential to give our teachers the opportunity to recycle their linguistic competence.

Teachers taking part in the mobilities:

Susanna Padrosa – Head of the English Department

Iolanda Ribot – Headteacher, English Department



Mobility 1: 21st Century Skills  – Norwich, September 2019

A training course dealing with the approaches required to develop 21st century skills for teaching, such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and interpersonal communication skills.


To transfer the knowledge acquired, an informative session was offered to the colleagues in the school – 29/11/2019.


Mobility 2: Student-centered classroom: teachers as promoters of active learning – Dublin, October 2019

A course with practical ideas to help students learn effectively by solving problems, formulating complex questions, debating, explaining and brainstorming in class. A special emphasis was given to managing and evaluating students’ cooperative projects and problem-solving tasks.



To transfer the knowledge acquired, an informative session was offered to the colleagues in the school – 09/09/2020


Mobility 3: Teamwork & Teambuilding: reach high & far – Prague, July 2021

A course on teamwork and how to achieve effective teams. It dealt with aspects, such as the roles of team members, the importance of setting goals, communication and conflict resolution, leadership, motivation and decision making, amongst others.


To transfer the knowledge acquired, an informative session was offered to the colleagues in the school – 21/09/2021.


Mobility 4: Job Shadowing – Tartu, October 2021

The Job Shadowing activity in the College of Languages and Cultures, University of Tartu, renowned for its quality, has allowed us to learn from their teachers’ good practices.


To transfer the knowledge acquired, a dissemination session was offered to the colleagues in the school – 12/11/2021



Mobility 5: IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) – Belfast, May 2022

An annual international conference that features plenary sessions, talks, workshops, poster presentations, an Exhibition and Careers Fair, among other events, in the UK. It offers the attendees the opportunity to learn about new trends in ELT, share good teaching practices and network with experienced professionals from all over the world.


To share the knowledge acquired, an informative session was organized in the school: IATEFL Belfast 2022, 28/06/2022