Recursos per a l’autoaprenentatge


6 minute English

Excellent weekly podcast where the presenters talk about different subjects and introduce some of the vocabulary they use at the same time. The topics are usually quite interesting. You can download audio, transcript and you can check the definitions of the difficult vocabulary for each podcast online. It’s great to start practicing your listening. Put it on your mobile phone and listen to it while running, cooking, driving, etc. Check the vocabulary and transcriptions and then listen to it again, and again, and again… After a few months, you’ll see the results! 

TED talks is a web where you can find thousands of talks and conferences and you can watch them with subtitles. You just have to find a topic that you like and start watching. You can use the subtitles or the transcription. You can also choose a sentence in the transcription and click to listen from that sentence. TED talks is a great tool to start activating and developing your listening skills. Let me also add a link to the most popular TED talks of all times: TED’s most popular talks of all times.

(American & British news) Watch news stories with or without English subtitles (Closed Captions=CC). You have to turn CC ON to see the subtitles. To prepare for your intermediate B1 or B2 exam, we recommend watching one video every day.

(British news) Watch hundreds of news videos about different subjects: technology, science, current affairs, etc. No subtitles available. To prepare for your intermediate B1 or B2 exam, we recommend watching one video every day.

This place is very good. You can choose from a lot of TV series, films and documentaries and watch them with English subtitles. Apart from that if, while watching, you click on a word from the subtitles, the word is kept in a list so that you can learn it later. We recommend starting with easy series like Friends or Modern Family.

ESL Video

Videos with comprehension tests to practice for your exam.

Podcasts in English

Three levels and different types of listening materials with transcription and comprehension and vocabulary activities.


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