Stories from around the World

Would you like to learn more about stories from all over the world? Come and join us to discover many things about storytelling with our expert, Sara Carline.

Monday, November, 27th

18.45 – 19.45 @Room “Polivalent”


Grups de conversa d’anglès i alemnay

Anglès Intermedi+

  • Grup A: dilluns 17.30-18.30
  • Grup B: dilluns 18.30-19.30
  • Grup C: dijous 17.30-18.30
  • Grup D: dijous 18.30-19.30

Anglès Avançat

  • Grup F: dijous 17.30-18.30
  • Grup E: dijous 18.30-19.30

Alemany Intermedi: dilluns 17.30-18.30